5 Facts You Didn't Know about Sarkodie's "HIGHEST" Album + Meaning | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

5 Facts You Didn’t Know about Sarkodie’s “HIGHEST” Album + Meaning

It’s only a day left and fans across the globe will feel the experience of Sarkodie’s 5th studio album.

5 Facts You Didn't Know about Sarkodie's "HIGHEST" Album + Meaning | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com


As already declared by the rapper, the album is one he truly deem very personal and his current state of mind. We witnessed the process a bit and we’ve also dug up a bit to reveal the true meaning of Sarkodie’s “Highest” album.

The album will officially be released on 8 September, same date “Nowhere Cool” by M.anifest was released. Around this time, the god MC had questioned Sarkodie’s claim to the throne in the rap game.

Again, what is so special about this date?

On this day, Sarkodie’s daughter Titi whose birthday is on the 28th March 2016 was christened on 8th September, 2016 — a naming ceremony and passage which ushers one into their journey of faith and forthcoming.

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2. Originally, the “Highest” was meant to be a six (6) track album which would have been dropped with 6 six exclusive music videos but the two (2) year project took a dip for 19 tracks.

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3. The album contains three (3) “breaks” otherwise known as interludes; all by Suli Breaks. Now here’s the catch, Suli is a renowned UK-based spoken word poet and motivational speaker. He garnered his breakthrough on YouTube with a viral piece “Why I hate School but Love Education” and “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate” and also sold out his own-headline show. A perfect collaboration to also preach black empowerment.

4. Track 9: Highest is the only song on the album recorded solely without any feature. Just as the rapper had declared – the highest as a whole, is his state of the mind and particularly “Highest” is just personal.

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Skillion Records boss Jayso is also credited as an executive producer for the project and also appears 4-times featured on the album.

Sarkodie Officially Unveils "HIGHEST" Album, Cover Art + Track List | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
Front cover of the “HIGHEST” album by Sarkodie.

Now what is the true meaning of Sarkodie’s Highest cover – another illuminati propaganda?

As at the time of this publication, the creator of the artwork is unknown. Now let’s take a closer look! Images of Sarkodie and her daughter appears in a five (5) square-grid out of the nine (9) in total. The portion of the five (5) images form the Latin Cross. Again the cross is represented in the title “HIGHES†” with T as the †. As Christians, it signifies wisdom from the “Most High”.

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Sarkodie is looking into his daughter’s eye while the viewer looks into Titi’s eyes. Another statement by the “Illuminati” rapper indicating his deepest insight and his state of mind.

It has also been revealed that Sark would take a long musical break after this project and focus on raising his daughter and family.

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