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Abeiku Santana disgraces journalism, Joselyn Dumas infuriated

Journalism was a noble profession filled with people reporting the truth. Those days are gone, case in point Abeiku Santana’s current controversy. Controversy that has outraged many with Nana Aba Anamoah and Joselyn Dumas firing vicious shots at him.

Since time immemorial, journalists have always had a lot of power. Reporting news to people is no joke, for in the hands of skilled journalists the blandest of news could be presented to make one so emotional. Hence the public has always been advised to take things with a pinch of salt. It was much simpler in times past but these days with such sophisticated technology, evidence could be provided of you saying something you never even said.

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Abeiku Santana is in hot water after his show intimated that Joselyn Dumas had been intimate with John Dumelo. The truth is these kind of things sell, that’s what catches the attention of readers but exchanging professional integrity just for the purpose of catching readers or viewers in this case is wrong.

What makes this while issue worse is that when Abeiku Santana was contacted he claimed he didn’t even see the final upload. That is just disgraceful, you’re basically saying you don’t have time for your work. Anything going out to the public domain from an individual or media houses impacts(be it positive or negative) your credibility.

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It is what people are going to judge you on. Your reputation goes hand-in-hand with your credibility. If you keep messing around, after a while no one will take you seriously.

As expected Joselyn Dumas has issued a statement of her own but sadly on this day Abeiku Santana disgraced journalism.


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