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Abena Korkor is appealing to Ghanaians to put up with her

Controversial Abena Korkor who ‘likes’ to occassionally name-drop is pleading with Ghanaians to sympathise with her, as her actions are not deliberate.

Her actions have attracted mixed opinions among the public. While some believe she has been taken advantage of her bipolar condition, others think she is deliberately doing that just to attract attention and some even believe she doesn’t want to get well.

But in an interview with Graphic Showbiz this week, Abena Korkor said what she does is not deliberate and is part of relapses from her condition.

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“It is not like I enjoy what is going on, it is overwhelming and very hard to figure out sometimes. It is not deliberate that I mention names, I sometimes wonder why I go back. I am doing everything I can to get well.

“These are people I do not even talk to again or have any form of contact with. Whatever happened, happened in the past. I just don’t understand why I can’t let them go, why I have them in my subconscious,” she said.

Continuing, Abena Korkor said, “I do my best to get well, I take my medication, I go for therapy and even as I’m talking to you, I’m on my way to see my therapist. So, it’s not like I’m happy, I go through a lot, the issues are too much, they take a toll on me.

“It makes me question myself. Just recently, I contemplated suicide and I asked myself if it has gotten this bad. This thing has destroyed my relationship with people I could work with, I have lost a lot of job opportunities because of it. I’m doing my best but it looks like my best is not enough, I’m trying.”

When asked the one thing she needs from Ghanaians, she said it was sympathy. “I want them to be sympathetic, I have relapses in real life, I don’t do that because I am paid to, I don’t fake it, I don’t like the end results of my actions and the issues it brings to people and their homes.

“I will urge Ghanaians not to also dwell on these things, even if I bring it out or stand on the roof to shout about it. I want to move on with my life, I want to be in the headlines for the right reasons, I am tired of all these.

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“People do not see me when I’m going through that, when I’m going through the hard times, they only see the end result which ends up online. I don’t do them deliberately; I don’t understand why I do these things.

“Honestly, it’s hard to convince people that what I go through is real. I pray it comes to an end soon because I want my life back, I cannot continue like this and my life cannot just be about this,” she stated.

Abena Korkor also revealed that her condition and her actions have taken a toll on her family.

“My state has and is affecting my family, my friends and my relationship. Sometimes, I wonder how they feel when I go into a relapse. However, to all those who have stood by me through it all, those who are with me because they know the real Abena Korkor, I appreciate you all, God bless you.”

Sharing what she has been up to since leaving TV3, Abena Korkor said, “for now, I have no project I’m working on except advocating and educating people on mental health issues. I am doing something with the World Health Organization and Psycho Social Africa.”


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