I think about quitting music once a month – M.anifest - GhKings

I think about quitting music once a month – M.anifest

Self doubt is a plague we cannot purge ourselves of, it is something that arises from time to time. But it is something we must not dwell on for when we dwell on these thoughts too much and we are doomed.

I think about quitting music once a month – M.anifest | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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For our thoughts are eventually manifested as words and declarations. Words have power, no one can deny that. The world is a cold place with so many pull-downs and not enough pull-ups, hating is the more common art form in recent times not positivity. That is the reality of the world we live in. These thoughts are not limited to just the average joes, everyone falls prey to these thoughts eventually but it is how we deal with them that matters. The greatest of minds suffer doubts. People within the entertainment industry too tend to fall prey.

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And it is understandable when you consider the competitive nature of the industry, an industry with so many people trying to break into. Once you break into it and the fruit that is your talent has been sampled and eaten, the test to remain relevant begins. That in itself is another great battle very few people win. Simply because nobody has the entirety of their lives being exciting and devoid of being mundane or mediocre in any way.

It comes as no surprise that M.anifest in a recent Q&A session on social media revealed that he is plagued by self doubt at times. Even more intriguing was how often it comes to him claiming every month he considers quitting music altogether.

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For the next hour only… ASK ME ANYTHING!” M.anifest wrote on his timeline. A fan of the musician queried if there was ever a point in his life when he wanted to quit music

Was there any point in your life when you wanted to give up on music? – the fan asked.

Yeah. Once a month i contemplate this – he wrote.

I think about quitting music once a month – M.anifest | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

M.anifest revealed his exclusion from this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was due to the fact that he didn’t submit any of his works for nominations — a business decision he took for this year.


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