All-Time Top Ghana Pedophilia Songs Everyone Dance To |
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All-Time Top Ghana Pedophilia Songs Everyone Dance To

They say, ignorance is bliss; there were times many Ghanaians jammed to their favourite songs which unbeknown to many, they were top-tier pedophilia songs.

Before the advent of internet, a lot of unscrupulous acts were brushed under the carpet. Some of these dubious activities can be attributed to mere ignorance, or the absense of fact checkers.

Nowadays the avenues to distribute music has outgrown the bureucracy; in earlier times, it wasn’t like so. However, there were no proper regulators to control some of these sexist, and body-shaming songs.

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Today, we take a long at the all-time top pedophilia songs that everyone literally jammed to in Ghana.

Below is the list of all-time top Ghana pedophilia songs:

Obour – Konkontiba (feat Batman (Samini))

This song is all-time the most pedophilia and sexist song ever to exist in the history of Ghana. In 2004, Bice Osei Kuffour, popularly known as Obour would go ahead to release a song titled “Konkontiba,” which literally means a tadpole, or froglet.

“Konkontiba” endorses sex eploitations of minors and underages. In the song, the singer, Obour reaffirms the age of a minor and instils that is what he wants. The song includes a female vocalist who induces there is “ripen orange but you’d opt to groom unripe ones.”

Obour recruited Samini, then known as Batman for the song. He sings, he will maintain his relationship with the “tadpole” even if she is a “3-year-old,” they will eventually grow into a grown adult. “Konkontiba” also goes ahead to become an extreme body shaming.

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No doubt, this song goes down as the most child exploitative and fat-phobia song. The song was produced by Morris Babyface.

Bice Osei Kuffour would go on to become the president for the Musicians Union of Ghana.


Patapaa – Nketswad3 (feat Ada)

“Nketswad3” is the most the recent pedophilia song by Ghanaian musician Patapaa, who made it to mainstream with his popular tune “One Corner” in 2017. His “Nketswad3” follows the similar pursuit for underage. The title suggests “little sweet things.” In the official video which cameo features his German wife, Patapaa portrays his co-featured act Ada, in a kid’s primary school uniform while he sings, “little sweet things I’ll eat.”


Daddy Lumba – Pony (feat Atea Tina)

Daddy Lumba’s “Pony” wouldn’t have made the list obviously if he didn’t refer his lyric to a pony. Though he meant to refer his intention to a horse, the idea didn’t really churn out properly, as a pony means a young or small horse. Thus, riding a young horse is not condoned.


Kontihene – Aketesia

This song barely made the list if wasn’t for the title “Aketesia,” and that is exactly how these musicians play. They like to manoeuvre right beneath the brim of being caught. “Aketesia” is an Akan word which means a lady in her teens. Kontihene raps, “Asuobuokyire fa wo nsa wo m’ani, mewu na meko.”

Written by Kingsley OB

Filmmaker and music enthusiast at GhKings.
TWITTER: @Kingsley_OB

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