Arrest and torture Ebony's driver – Prophet Obotuo | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
Prophet Obotuo on Kofi TV.
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Arrest and torture Ebony’s driver – Prophet Obotuo

The death of the late dancehall queen continues to hurt and will continue to hurt for long time. Log onto any social media site and you will be inundated with touching memories of Ebony.

Arrest and torture Ebony's driver – Prophet Obotuo | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Prophet Obotuo on Kofi TV.

Some of those shots and videos show as a rare glimpse into her home life. Her ever-present smile and infectious happiness are present in all of them. Her demise has left a permanent stain on 2018, a stain that all the detergents in the world mixed with all the potent bleaches in the world cannot clear. But we are trying to make peace with our loss, we must show death that yes we are alive and well. Since her death though, there have been many calls for the driver of the vehicle in which she was traveling to be arrested.

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The shouts have been intensifying over time, it got worse after the story giving the only survivor, the driver, did not tally with eye witnesses. The shouts for his arrest have been increasing and now Reverend Isaac Opoku, popularly known as Prophet Obotuo has added his voice to the shouts.

Speaking on Kofi TV, Prophet Obotuo could not understand why the driver escaped ‘unhurt’ in such a gory accident.

“Let’s not dwell on the prophecies to let some people who acted carelessly go free. The driver should be arrested. He is a primary suspect. Even the one who was seated behind you died; not even a scar on your skin. It’s either he has spiritual backing or he opened the gate and jumped off. It is possible someone paid him to kill Ebony. Who recorded Vicky Hammah and leaked the tape? Was it not her driver?” he asked. “If the driver is arrested and tortured, we will get the real story of Ebony’s death than the so-called prophecies,” he added.

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“Whoever claims to have prophesied Ebony’s death should be arrested and interrogated. It is high time we did that. All the prophecies are false. I’m saying so because what would they have said if Ebony were in Japan? God reveals to redeem so you even don’t need to tell the person. You can intercede. It is your job,” he said. “Whatever Ebony had to do to survive, she did. Arrest the contractor as well and interrogate him on why the sand was left on the road. The MP or Minister of the area should also be queried,” he suggested.

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The reverend has made statements that resonate with a lot of people, as to what he truly meant by torture the driver, perhaps he meant to say the law must be employed to extract the info we need.

Written by Odeneho

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