B Young drops "Justin Bieber" ahead of "Differences" Album | GhKings 2021
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B Young drops “Justin Bieber” ahead of “Differences” Album

B Young ‘Differences’ album drops later today at midnight

UK singer/rapper B Young has released his latest joint and visual “Justin Bieber,” a single off his upcoming album “Differences” – set to drop midnight.

The “79ME” hitmaker is set to drop his debut album tomorrow (July 30). “Differences” is a 16-track project with no features. It is safe to admit the “Jumanji” singer wants to embody his first-time discography while being at the centre of the spotlight.

“Come Alive”, with an afrobeat vibe was his first single to be released, off the same upcoming album.

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Real name Bertan Jafer, B Young will surely swoop you with his melodious vibe. Earlier this year, he dropped “Ride For Me” single and video which has been watched over 10 million views on YouTube.

We can be rest assured his yet-to-released will be filled catchy harmonies that will make you want to sip on some wine or straight Henny.

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