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Billboard to Include YouTube Views into Album Charts

A major change in how the top albums in the U.S. are ranked is about to come into force very soon it seems.

Billboard to Include YouTube Views into Album Charts | US Music - GhKings.Com

Billboard will soon include YouTube streams into their weekly Billboard 200 and other album charts after its executives reportedly closed the deal with record labels and other parties, reports HDD.

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YouTube’s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen has apparently led the charge in getting the system changed to match modern day styles of music consumption by fans. This will mean that streams on YouTube from songs including user generated clips incorporating the songs will be factored into the ranking of albums each week.

YouTube views are already included in the Hot 100 chart and other relevant streaming charts. Even RIAA counts them as 1500 streams = 1 sale in determining their Gold and Platinum awards.

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But until now, the Billboard 200 was not factoring them as the industry was concerned that too much of YouTube’s content was user-generated and therefore not “official.”

Billboard is yet to make an official announcement about it. This change will mean that viral stars on YouTube will have a bigger opportunity in shooting high on the charts. Let’s hope the quality remains healthy.


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