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Blac Chyna Whitenicious a solution or …?

Everything seems changeable in the 21st century. You don’t like your lips you can change it. Skin colour is no different and as the latest wave sweeps Nigeria courtesy of Blac Chyna, it’s clear to see this issue must be discussed.

Blac Chyna Whitenicious a solution or …? | US Celebs - GhKings.Com
Blac Chyna, American socialite.

The product that has taken Nigeria by storm isn’t even owned by Blac Chyna, it’s owned by Dencia, a Cameroonian pop star/ businesswoman. The bottom line is that if it’s in Nigeria then it’s only a matter of time before it gets here that’s if it’s not here already.

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According to Dencia the product brightens your skin without bleaching. Bleaching is an epidemic in almost every part of the world. The product has been approved by the Nigerian Foods and Drugs Board but well that’s easy to achieve in Africa.

Everyone wants a lighter skin colour and the lengths to which people will go to achieve this is shocking. Blac Chyna has received a lot of backlash due to Whitenicious but she’s neither the maker nor the owner of the cream.

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Dencia ought to be the one feeling the heat. Again the effects of the cream cannot be fully authenticated at this point, it may lighten your colour but at what cost. All in all skin lightening, bleaching or whatever term you prefer has probable adverse future consequences. No wonder cancer is on the rise.


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