Black History month is upon us! | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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ICYMI: Black History Month is upon us!

The injustices of history have borne forth so many tragic and eventually inspiring holidays.

Black History month is upon us! | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Blacks have gone through a lot with Black History Month being one of the most important holidays.

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As time went on after the slave trade, the slave trade became more and more of a thing of the past. A thing you read of in books. Although slavery will never forgotten, its harsh reality dulled downed as first hand victims passed on. All that’s left are accounts of slavery. As a result this holiday took on another form of importance as it became about finding ways to celebrate inroads of the black man and the black culture. One of such fields would eventually be music.

Black History Month is upon us, and the honorary holiday initially started as a one-week celebration. Originally, African-Americans wished to celebrate Frederick Douglas’ birthday, which took place in the month of February. Douglas is a black hero, who escaped slavery to become a leader in the abolitionist movement. His legend reached such a fanatical status that African-Americans celebrated his birthday for decades. It wasn’t until Carter G. Woodson, a reputable historian, created Negro History Week that the honorary occurrence started to gain national traction. Churches were the biggest supporters of the annual observance, handing out pamphlets and spreading awareness through African-American communities nationwide. Soon, schools all across America followed suit and began to observe “Negro History Week” as it was known.

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They say that women and men aren’t equal; women are much smarter. and they have an emotional depth that surpasses the shallow well of masculine simplicity. Perhaps that is why some of the best artists of all time have been women. Sure, the male greats such as Jay-Z, Tupac, Nas, and Andre 3000 have created music that captures emotions vividly. Still, nothing resonates with the soul more than Lauryn Hill, and no rapper will ever produce visuals more stunning than Missy Elliott. In fact, Lauryn Hill put hip-hop on her back in the ’90s, and scored several firsts for the genre. Without our goddesses, hip-hop wouldn’t be where it is today, and they should be respected just as much, if not more, than the men in this game.

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They may have come and gone but their impact in pushing forth their respective genres is testament to the fact that talent is not limited to colour. Black History Month is upon us, take heed and remember your people.

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