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Black Maidens miss out on Semi-final qualification

The Black Maidens, who have been doing very well in the on going Fifa 2018 U17 Women’s World Cup have been beaten on penalties in the quarter finals.

The Black Maidens went unbeaten to qualify to the competition. They repeated the same feat in the group stages to qualify to the next round of the competition(quarter finals). However, their best wasn’t enough to see them through the semi finals as they lost 2-4 on penalties after the game ended 2-2 in normal time(90″.)

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The game began with both sides doing quite well to keep their opposing strikers at bay. The Mexicans kept pushing the ball at goal of the Ghanaians but couldn’t find the net. The Ghanaians constantly mopped up the attacks of the Mexicans with the pace and physique of the defence. This led to many counter attacks by the Ghanaians which were equally squandered. The first half ended with a goalless draw.

The second half began with Ghanaians having a spirited start with some good chances at goal. The Maidens made more advances at goal and got a header in by Mukarama Abdulai. This goal made it her 7th in the tournament and still the leading goal scorer. Minutes later the Mexicans were awarded a penalty which put the score to 1-1. Moments later the Maidens made it 2-1, only for the score to be put on level once again, after a free kick from a long way out struck at goal which wasn’t kept out by the keeper. The match finally ended on level terms which was headed straight for a dramatic penalty shoot out. The Maidens failed to put the ball in the net on the 3rd and fourth penalty kicks, which gave the opponents the license to move on to the semi-finals.

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All too soon the Maidens had gotten to the end of their smooth ride which has come to a sudden, abrupt stop. The Black Maidens are to be commended for their good performance at the competition, even though things went South.

Written by Michael Kporha

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