Boxer Patrick Allotey facing sanctions after assaulting fan at Superclash

A video showing the WBO Africa Super welterweight champion Patrick Allotey punching a football fan multiple times in the face in the stands at the Accra Sports Stadium is making rounds on social media.Ghkings

The WBO Africa Super welterweight champion, clearly upset by a fan who had a Kotoko flag over his body and was celebrating wildly in front of him, initially tried to get the excited fan to move away.

When the fan refused, Allotey grabbed the front of his shirt, holding him in place as he raised his fist. He struck the man three times, sending the man straight to the floor before the pair were pulled apart by onlookers.

While some expressed sympathy for the fan who had been struck, others berated him for “causing his own problem”

It’s unclear at which point in yesterday’s match the incident occurred.

Pictures, allegedly of the victim, which have been shared widely on social media, showed his face bloody and swollen.

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