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Bukom Banku claims Shatta Wale will go mad

The belief in the supernatural is very strong in our parts of the world, some would even say is too strong. According to Bukom Banku, Shatta Wale’s career has been aided by supernatural forces.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as they say opinions are like noses everyone has one. Bukom Banku recently weighed in with his view on Shatta Wale. According to the boxer, Shatta Wale has gone for an occultic powers to help him gain popularity, adding the spirit would soon take over his mind.

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He added that, Shatta Wale intentionally leaked the obscene video because he has started losing his mind. Bukom Banku said this in a video he shared on his social media platform.

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“I told Ghanaians that Shatta Wale is going crazy, he went for a bad spirit and the spirit is worrying him and the spirit wants to kill him. Shatta Wale has disgrace Ghanaians and himself after releasing that unfortunate video,” he said.


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