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I used to be jealous of ladies around my Husband, but I’ve matured- Tracy Sarkcess

Being the spouse of a celebrated person comes with its twist and turns.

While you feel entitled to all the attention your spouse can give you, there are fans too from all walks of life who want a piece of him/her.

However, Tracy, wife of award-winning Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie, has stated that she’s grown out of the “childish” behaviour of being jealous.

According to her, there was time she was jealous of other ladies prying on her man, but she’s learnt to grow out of it.

Tracy was answering a question from a fan during a Twitter Q and A when she made this revelation:

“Y’all know Sark is handsome. So how do you handle if randomly seeing nice ladies around him and are you a jealous woman @TracySarkcess #SrAskTracySarkCess,” the fan asked.

“I use to be jealous but that was a long time ago. Once I matured in the relationship I stopped that childish behaviour,” she replied.

See her Tweet below:


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