Children's ward? Ha! more like children's prison – Kwaw Kese | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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Children’s ward? Ha! more like children’s prison – Kwaw Kese

Death, why art thou so cold and wicked? Sadly the dead leave, never to be seen again leaving their loved ones behind in pain to mourn. Kwaw Kese believes the conditions at Korle-Bu contributed to his son’s death.

Children's ward? Ha! more like children's prison – Kwaw Kese | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

First things first, Kwaw Kese and his family are going through a very trying time at the moment. The pain he must be feeling, well very few of us can relate. In truth in moments like this people approach you and say niceties like I know what you are going through when they really have no idea. How many people know what it is like to lose a child?

We all deal with grief in our way, for instance  some of us breakdown, others keep their pain private, others vent their pain. Kwaw Kese belongs to the last group. But yes he is within his rights to feel that way, according to the rapper the conditions at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital  played a role in the death of his son. The rapper in a recent interview recounted a bit of the experience and he pointed out that the conditions at the Children’s Ward at our primary teaching hospital are not up to scratch.

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“I have been to prison before and if I tell you there’s no difference between the children’s ward and prison I bet you, I’m being very truthful. It is extremely unhealthy, the situation there is pathetic,” explained the rapper.

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Let us not disregard his words as simply that of a father in pain, this is not the first time we have heard complaints about the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

“The situation at the Korle-Bu Children’s Ward was an eyesore. I wish after saying this you’ll come and have a look at it yourself or you’ll send your colleague journalists to report on the issue. You have to see the children’s emergency unit, trust me. What the newborn babies and their mothers go through is pathetic. I mean this ward that houses new-born babies, I’m talking about a day old baby. The place is extremely vulnerable, anything at all can happen to those babies.”

Written by Odeneho

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