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Condom Fight Round 2, Nana Boroo biblical, Cwesi Oteng defensive

The case of I-did-not-buy-condoms-from-you will just not die. Nana Boroo has viciously slammed Cwesi Oteng calling him a no-talent singer as well. Cwesi Oteng has blasted Nana Boroo for trying to get attention off his brand.

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Tempers flared and egos bruised, these two are swinging for the fences right now. Nana Boroo claims Cwesi Oteng is feeling guilty and being sanctimonious because buying condoms doesn’t mean you are using them, he has a point there.

Cwesi Oteng also claims Nana Boroo is using his brand to regain popularity, also true. And given the nature of Cwesi Oteng’s brand it’s understandable why he wants to be as far away from this as possible.

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At this point it’s difficult to tell who’s even telling the truth. It’s not like Nana Boroo has any records of the sale he’s been talking about whiles Cwesi Oteng has given this more attention than he should.



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