Cristiano Ronaldo pretends to high-five non-existent fans before Juventus v Inter Milan

Juventus’ Sunday evening game against Inter Milan was played behind closed doors due to fears over the spread of coronavirus.

It was declared that one of the most crucial derbies in years had to be played in front of an empty stadium with large parts of Italy on lockdown. 

However, the world would still be watching on to see whether the Bianconeri could reclaim their spot at the top of the table. 


Before kick-off, footage emerged of Juventus getting off the team bus, a scene in which the Portuguese would normally be swamped with autographs and selfie requests – but this time, there was nobody there. 

Ronaldo decided to have a bit of fun by pretending to shake hands with the non-existent supporters and then laughing towards the camera. 

The fact that the game is behind closed doors is a sign that the situation is indeed thought to be very serious, but the forward did his best to make light of it. 

Watch the video below:

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