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Angel of Death takes Kwaw Kese’s new-born babe

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we report that Kwaw Kese has lost his new-born baby shortly after his wife delivered. Death is cruel, death has no preferences.

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Death is the end, at least the earthly version of our existence any way. We cannot control who Death comes for but often times our prayer is that our young are allowed to grow and live their lives before Death knocks at their door, sadly Death rarely listens to us.

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It is ironic that the world’s is at its most developed from scientific and medical perspective yet this period of time is riddled with so many diseases, perhaps Death is evening out the playing field.

Speaking on Adom FM’s “Work and Happiness” with host Ohemaa Woyeje on Tuesday, Kwaw Kese’s manager, Kelvin Aggrey said the baby died out of heart complications.

He said the doctors did their best but the heart condition of the baby boy gave them a thin sign of hope.

“After delivery, the doctors said there is a problem with the baby. He died yesterday. The complications were with the heart. The kid didn’t survive. We give everything to God…” Kelvin said.

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He added that, Kwaw Kese’s family is coping with the unfortunate incident. In what is obviously a trying time for Kwaw Kese and his family, we at GhKings would like him to know he is in that our hearts go out to him and his family and that her hearts go out to him.


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