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Drake’s In My Feelings clocks 45 million views

It is fair to say Drake is a master of his craft. Whiles many rap purists do have it out for him, you cannot dispute his numbers. Drakes’s current album Scorpion is shattering records, no arguments there.

Drake's In My Feelings clocks 45 million views | US Music - GhKings.Com
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When Scorpion dropped, both Drake’s haters and fans couldn’t stop talking about him. And whiles many people have the opinion that the album is too much this or too less that, you cannot help but see that Drizzy is arguably the best-managed artiste. Whereas most rappers are limiting themselves to specific demographics of people, Drake has gone all-inclusive. He’s giving the people what they want and he’s making a boatload of money whiles doing so.

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Within five days his video for In My Feelings has clocked over 45 million views. Even the video targets every demographic as Drake pursues the beautiful LaLa Anthony, whom fans of Power will be very familiar with, whiles her protective mother,Phylicia Rashad, tries to ward him off.  Both these two women are black representing two different generations of black people. The video was directed by Karena Evans. In fact watching the video there’s something for everybody. The video vixens aren’t the centre of attention but they’re adequately present. Say what you want about Drake, he’s getting what he wants. Almost every race of people found on this earth feature in the video.

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