Ebony's COFFIN maker finally speaks! | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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Ebony’s COFFIN maker finally speaks!

The African is probably the most spiritual of all men roaming the face of the earth. Everything we investigate the spiritual inclinations and its meaning.

Ebony's COFFIN maker finally speaks! | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Some would argue this blinds us as we attribute everything to spirits, but assuredly it has its good sides just like everything else it has its pros and cons. The importance of colour cannot be understated within our culture. Amongst the Akan it is common practice for parents to wear a white material or a material which has white as its most dominant colour. The meaning behind thus is symbolic as wearing white is a statement to death that he is unwelcome and must turn his attentions elsewhere. This a practice that has been in use since time immemorial, it was again in use during the funeral of the late Ebony Reigns as her parents were clad in materials where white was the dominant colour. There was however an issue with the colour of the coffin.

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The coffin chosen by the family was black. That is all well and true but hardly ever will black be used to coat a coffin simply because there is the belief it will not serve the deceased well in their journey into the afterlife. Pastor Lawrence Tetteh cried out he had never seen a black coffin in his entire life, he has been alive for quite a while.

“I’m over 50 years but I’ve never seen a black coffin in my life. What I’m saying is that I and my team saw that black coffin only when we got to the funeral grounds. So I asked Ebony’s father about it and he said he found the black one nicer than what I’d seen earlier and that I told him to make a choice and that’s exactly what he’s done. He’s the father and so he had the right to make certain decisions. Personally, I don’t judge people because nobody knows the secret places of our hearts,” the man of God stated.

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Ebony's COFFIN maker finally speaks! | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

The manufacturers of the coffin though hold no such spiritual reservations about black coffins. Even more so the coffin they claim was not made for the late singer but rather a design of theirs. According to them they have been making black coffins for a while.

Some have said that there could be spiritual connotations to the choice of colour for the casket but Michael Dela, Chief Executive Officer of Gisarg Caskets and Coffins, manufacturers of the coffin used to bury dancehall artiste, has said there is no cause for alarm. In an interview with Citi Showbiz , Michael said his company designed the coffin without Ebony in mind.

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“I must be honest, we didn’t even have Ebony in mind but when we were done with it, I saw the casket and said this will actually suit Ebony. She’s called Ebony and her name represents the colour black,” he said.

Contrary to the debate going on, a black casket is actually quite common. “One of the caskets that we sell a lot is the black one. This one was actually one of our newer designs. It was purely done in our quest to do something unique,” he said.


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