Epixode's mum to feature on his new album - GhKings

Epixode’s mum to feature on his new album

Epixode‘s mum will be featuring on his album and apparently she was a major contributor to the album.

Epixode's mum to feature on his new album | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

That is how far we have come, a decade or so ago would this have been possible? That is the question we must all deliberate on but the most likely answer would be no it would not have been possible.

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Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he told Andy Dosty that he wrote the song at the lowest point in his life where all he was focused on was bettering his mother’s life. He disclosed that his mom was a musician hence, as a kid, he adopted the reggae genre by listening, voluntarily or not, to the reggae songs she played for him.

“I have my mom on my new album. I took her to the studios and gave her sixteen bars. The title is ‘Dear Mama’. When I wrote that song, I was in a poor state…” he mentioned. “She’s a twin and they both sing. Anytime they come back they come with reggae and country music. They tell you this is a Bob Marley’s kaya album you have to listen. My mom has always been a reggae fan…” he added.

Epixode further revealed his mom criticized his songs if she feels they aren’t good. He said “She tells me if she doesn’t like my music so I work on them…” he said on Daybreak Hitz, Friday.

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As the saying goes there is no use crying over spilt milk, we must make do with what we have right now and what we have is an industry that is becoming more and more inclusive and a society that is become less and less judgemental.

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