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Fancy Gadam’s Total Cheat features in Exams

Examiners are getting more and more creative these days. Ask any teacher what he thinks of students in general and he will say as the years go on they get less smarter.

Fancy Gadam's Total Cheat features in Exams | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
Fancy and Sark at the 5th AFRIMA unveiling.

According to teachers, the previous generation is smarter than the current generation but that is highly doubtful. We live in an age when information is available with the snap of a finger. The power of the internet, no longer do you have to struggle to find information. Just go online and search for what you want.

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Also the problem is that our education is not adapting, truth be told students of today will have less of an interest in reading Shakespeare or Chinua Achiebe. They feel a disconnect towards that, they have to able to grasp what the whole thing is about. They need to be quizzed on things happening in their generation, in their current time zone. Sure science subjects cannot be changed much but for the more art based courses we can vary the approach. Even the science based courses can be taught in a more modern way. That was certainly the plan when the Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ) used Fancy Gadam‘s lyrics from his award-winning song “Total Cheat”. The key here is that it is something the student can relate to, it is something he or she has a fair idea about.

Fancy Gadam's Total Cheat features in Exams | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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In the long run it is safe to say that we actually get smarter as time goes on, we unravel more mysteries. But also along the line things of the past become less and less interesting for the current generation. The 90s and millennial kids for instance have almost no personal connection to most of the obstacles Ghana has faced, in later generations it will only become  more and more a thing of the past.


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