What is GhKings.com?

GhKings.com, a website by Afro Pikins Ltd.® was launched on 26th February, 2010.

The website which started as an online portal for promoting Ghanaian music only has sprung into the first Ghanaian-owned digital online marketplace to distribute digital music across all mobile devices. [more]


How can I find GhKings?

GhKings office can be located in Accra, Ghana and London, United Kingdom. You can also contact us via email or call the following numbers

+233 24 393 5826 (GH)
+44 7852 621463 (UK)


How to disable Adblockers

If you have installed an Adblocker agent you can disable the plugin via your browser’s extension in the preference settings. Restart your browser after you disable the plugin. You can also preferably use a different browser to enjoy all the features on GhKings.


Songs on GhKings

Songs available for public download under “Preview & Download” are for promotional purposes only. We entice you to purchase your favourite songs, also on GhKings Store or any major streaming service.


Request a take down

Most of the songs on our website are provided by the content owners and also, we have the copyrights to upload them. If you believe you own the rights and would like to request a TAKE DOWN, please use this link.



How to submit articles to GhKings

You can submit articles about various topics that you enjoy to GhKings. Please be advised to keep it around music, arts, society, lifestyle and sports. You can submit up to five (5) photos per article. Images should not be less than 700 x 480 pixels. Your story should not be less than 500 words.


Can I put my music on GhKings?

You can submit your music included with an article. It should not be less than 500 words. You can also include YouTube links, Soundcloud etc. We have the right to omit some external links.
Please make sure you have copyright license to all contents you submit to us. Be sure to also read our Copyright terms before submission.


Authorship and Credits

We require everyone to be responsible for stories they submit to GhKings. We take great pleasure in crediting our sources. Be sure to also add credits and references including images, videos and other materials. You may add beneath your articles how you’d prefer us to label your article. You may also include your social media links. We reserve the right to modify or delete any content without prior notice.


Your information that we request

We might request your information including Name, Email and Mobile number in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You can contact us or submit articles via info@GhKings.com for modification, deletion and more.

Be sure to read our TERMS OF SERVICES before using this website.