I fear nothing – Wisa Greid | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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I fear nothing – Wisa Greid

As the time for the passing final judgement gets closer and closer Wisa Greid has attempted to make himself feel upbeat. 

I fear nothing – Wisa Greid | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

He is being positive which in itself is a good thing, he is also undoubtedly patiently awaiting the end of this long saga. Undoubtedly he would like to put all this behind him and simply be known as Wisa Greid the musician, just that and nothing else. And it is understandable taking into consideration the fact that in the last two years Wisa has not been known for his music but rather as the guy who revealed his mandigo whiles performing on stage. It is so easy to forget that at the time it seemed Wisa was about to become one of the hottest commodities in the music industry. He has been dragged to court severally, indeed he must want this ordeal to end but till the end comes he is staying positive and upbeat.

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In an interview with JoyNews’ Maxwell Amoofia ahead of the initial day of the verdict, Wisa stated that the thought of going to jail does not scare him.

“Never. I don’t fear anything in life. Only God I fear. The only thing I fear is whether I will go to heaven or hell,” Wisa Greid said.

Additionally, he brags about having a good attorney who is capable of seeing to his acquittal and discharge. “I have a very good lawyer and he has done a very Good job. So I am expecting victory,” he stated. Wisa had expected a verdict on his case on April 25, 2018, but an Accra Circuit Court adjourned the case to April 30, 2018. The Black Avenue-signed artiste would have to wait a bit longer to know his fate. It has been reported that the artiste has claimed that it was not his manhood he showcased but rather a dildo.

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In the end casting all the details aside you cannot helped but respect Wisa’s acceptance of the fact that he might up in prison for sometime. But then again it is something he would’ve admitted to himself is a possibility but undoubtedly what he is itching to hear is that he is a free man and he can go on with his musical career.

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