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Fella Makafui car seizure, a publicity stunt?

People are the view Fella Makafui of the YOLO fame pulled a publicity stunt only to get the attention of the masses. This publicity stunt being the seizure of her two cars by an alleged ex-boyfriend.

Fella Makafui car seizure, a publicity stunt? | Ghana Celebrities - GhKings.Com

Fella Makafui, who has been on the news and trending on social media for the wrong reasons had her name dragged in the mad. Her name was dragged in the mud as a video of her alleged ex-boyfriend seizing her cars went viral.

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The genesis to this is that Fella Makafui was in a relationship with one “supposed” sugardaddy whose name has not been disclosed yet. They had been dating for quite some time now while she was Medikal’s alleged bestie.

Fella realised she was falling for Medikal, and wanted to give the cars back to her ex-boyfriend. This was in order to call it quiet-quits with him and move on to a new relationship with Medikal. So doing to quietly end things with her ex. However, the ex boyfriend didn’t accept the cars back.

It is alleged that the ex-boyfriend felt he had been used by her, only to get what she wants. He then took to dragging Fella’s name in the mud through the video that went viral on social media. Medikal wanted to show his love and affection for Fella Makafui. For this reason Fella was bought a new car by her new boyfriend, Medikal.

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This, however, confirms the fact that this is no publicity stunt but an exposé of Fella Makafui’s plights.

Michael Kporha

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