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Celebs Soon to Pay Income Tax

As every citizen of the country, working to gain an income is to pay income tax so is the artiste, actor and movie maker. It is however the case that such people haven’t been delivering their constitutional quota.

It is the responsibility of every Ghanaian, by law, to pay income tax. However, the nature of the job of celebrities makes it difficult for income tax to be taken regularly. It seems in some days to come the people of the entertainment industry would soon start paying taxes. This stems from the Minister for Tourism, Arts, and Culture stating that, people in the creative arts sector would soon receive education on their tax obligations so they start paying income tax on their earnings.

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Franklin Cudjoe, President and Founder of policy think tank IMANI.

Franklin Cudjoe, President and Founder of policy think tank IMANI mentioned that,”The creative industry itself is not well organised to understand why they should pay rents to the state except of course, those who are loosely connected to collect royalties from their works and get mega gigs to perform musically or make appearances in popular films,”

Catherine Afeku – Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture

The Minister also said the ministry “has agreed with the Ministry of Finance and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) that until such time that artists have been educated on their tax obligations, they will be given a moratorium.”

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The statements adds: “In this connection, the Ministry announces for the information of all players in the creative arts sector that it has received assurances from the Ministry of Finance and the GRA to the effect that between now and end of December 2018, workshops will be organized to educate artistes on their tax obligations, generally, and why it is the civic responsibility of every Ghanaian who earns an income to pay tax.”

What is mind-boggling, is how the regulatory body put in place to ensure these taxes are paid, is going to keep track of the earnings of celebrities, artistes and the like.

Would these workshops and education about income tax be enough to convince them pay moneys due the government of the republic of Ghana? We live to see.

However, in some days to come, celebrities are going to pay income taxes which is expected to increase amount of funds available to the government. Should these taxes be duely paid and still no actual development is seen in the progress of the country, I guess these same celebrities would advice themselves.

Michael Kporha

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