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Government Proposing To Fund National Cathedral a course for concern?

In the just read 2019 budget, government is to fund the proposed National Cathedral which is to serve as a central point for Christians in the nation to fellowship.

Government Proposing To Fund National Cathedral a course for concern? | Ghana News - GhKings.Com
Proposed design of National Cathedral.

In a country with a higher population of Christians, the government is of the interest of most Ghanaians. A cathedral estimated to have a capacity of 5,000 people is not however anything good to write home about. In that for it to be called a National Cathedral it should be able to house a huge number of people. A higher number of Ghanaians wouldn’t be able to fit into such a small facility which may render it a white elephant in some years to come. After all, no Ghanaian has called for such a facility, so why the need for one?

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Minister of Finance

Some claims were made by some MPs that it could serve as a venue for the inauguration of presidents into office. This however is not a good sign as only a select few of people would be able to catch a view of the process taking place. This would leave others behind only to stay home to witness such a historic event on their TV sets.

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It is also argued that the cathedral when built by the funding of the government may lead to other religious groups also asking for a similar central place for their followers. As the constitution frowns on bias treatment of certain religious groups, government would have their hands tied by law only to give in to the demands of these other religious groups.

It is best the policy makers think through this decision properly before implementing what may result high expenditure. Some MPs argued that it’s best the government better concentrate on the good roads and other fundamental infrastructure needed in rural development.

However if it’s a cathedral that is needed by the Christian community, Action Chapel and Perez dome could serve as a better venue. Since these two are known to hold a higher number of people at a go.

It is however in the interest of the current government to make better decisions to make the tax payers money worth it.

Michael Kporha

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