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Gov’t to build ultra-modern film studio, set up National Film Authority

The government has announced the construction of an ultra-modern Film Production Studio in 2019 which is a very good step in the right direction.

Gov’t to build ultra-modern film studio, set up National Film Authority | Ghana News - GhKings.Com
Finance Minister reading 2019 budget.

The construction of this studio, is expected to bring some revenue to the country. Since, it will attract the international film community to Ghana. The 2019 Budget Statement and Economic Policy for the 2019 Financial Year presented by the Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta to Parliament on Thursday, had this in place for 2019.

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Constructing this studio is music to the ears of the movie industry. It is reported that there was a massive uproar after the government sold 70% of its equity in the Ghana Film Industry, in 1996.

Ghana, after selling that percentage, lost an opportunity to land an international movie deal. The deal which would have produced the film, ‘Amistad,’ directed by Steven Spielberg, had a budget of $36 million and it made $44.2 million at the box office.

Ghana would have made lots and loads of revenue to fund a lot of projects which would have brought much development to the country. Well, is this to say that our forefathers have sold our birth right? This is just to say that our leaders should be very cautious of the decisions they make, whether in secret or in the open.

The Finance Minister also announced that the government will pursue the passing of a legislative instrument to establish a Secretariat for the National Film Authority. This Authority, he said, will see to the construction of the ultra-modern Film Production Studio.

He disclosed that the government has identified and acquired 200 acres of land to support a village for the creative arts.

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“The Ghana Tourism Authority is leading this campaign that will see a great number of African Diaspora from the United States of America, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom return to Ghana on a pilgrimage to promote heritage tourism in 2019,” he said.

An initiative like this is going to produce mouth-watering Ghanaian movies that would better teach and give much of an exposure if our rich culture to our kids at home. In the long run this is a step in the right direction to boost the movie industry of Ghana.

Michael Kporha

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