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Beautiful but is it necessary?
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Graduates jobless, hospitals full, roads bad, not enough schools but a cathedral is our focus

Graduates are sitting at home jobless, patients report to hospitals and are turned away due to shortage of beds, roads are in terrible conditions countrywide yet we are on the verge of building a national cathedral.

When news first broke of the prospective cathedral, there was public outrage. Ghanaians couldn’t understand why a country that cannot boast of a constant supply of social amenities would spend billions to build a cathedral. And whiles the government through the Ministry of Information has indicated that the building isn’t being funded by the state, we have to ask ourselves could the money not be spent elsewhere, after all the financiers needs the government’s permission before they can take any action on our soil.

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The government plans to introduce double intakes in our senior high schools. The situation is said to be temporary. But would the funds being spent on building the cathedral not quicken the building of more schools to further decrease how much time is spent using the double intake system.

Go to our hospitals and you’ll be shocked. Patients not getting beds, some being forced to share beds with other patients. Substandard equipment and high patient to health worker ratio have all served to demotivate our health workers. Yet we want to build a cathedral.

Could the money not be spent on the health sector to provide standard equipment and effective healthcare delivery?

The road networks in Ghana are nothing to write home about. Even road markings are hard to come by. Lighting is even another issue. So many accidents have occurred due to our poor road network yet we are not trying to fix the roads. Levies and tax are taken from Ofankor to Aflao yet we see no improvement. Yet we are building a national cathedral because apparently we need one.

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Graduates are sitting at home jobless, jobs are generally hard to come by in Ghana. And even when you get them the pay sadly more often than not doesn’t correlate with the skills you’ve acquired, expensively acquired.

And whiles the government has stated categorically it wouldn’t waste state funds on building a cathedral wouldn’t the money be better spent elsewhere? Could the government not have a sit-down with the financiers and come up with something to improve the standard of living within the country?

There is nothing wrong with building a cathedral but at this moment in time is it what the citizens of Ghana need?

Written by Odeneho

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