I love Fufu and Jollof – Mario Ballotelli

Former Liverpool forward, Mario Balotelli, has named two popular Ghanaian delicacies as his favourite during Instagram discussion with Arsenal and France legend, Thierry Henry.


Following the suspension of football activities around the globe, football stars are forced to engage their fans on social media.

A lot of footballers stars have taken to Instagram live during this period to interact with their fans and get closer to them

The forward admitted that jollof is by far his favourite when it comes to African cuisine but also added that there was a place in his heart for fufu.

“I can cook basic stuff but not even good, to be honest cooking is not my stuff, I don’t like it to be honest,” he said. I like to eat Pasta, a lot of meat, then I have some African dishes I like, like jollof rice, of course, that’s the best.

I can eat vegetables, not a lot, some fish but for me, African jollof rice is the best and Pasta. I like fufu but fufu you can eat once every three weeks it’s a bit heavier,” he revealed.

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