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L-R: Kofi Asamoah, Shatta Wale
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I’m not your co-equal – Shatta Wale lambasts Kofas on radio

Shatta Wale is not having it at all on a radio interview after he traded arguments with filmmaker Kofi Asamoah, popularly known as Kofas.

Speaking on a phone interview with Peace FM, Shatta Wale was set up with Kofi Asamoah to discuss a statement which he made on social media.

Wale stated emphatically, “Keep shooting videos like you want to battle Jay Z, you will wake up one day and ask me how I made all this money… and I will tell you this…”

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This statement did not sit well with some entertainment players including David Nicol-Sey. According to Shatta Wale, musicians shouldn’t “waste” money to produce expensive music videos. He went on to say, artists can shoot up-to standard videos and invest their monies in other trades.

The Shatta movement boss readdressed his statement in a previous interview; he said, musicians could shoot videos motivated by cultural aethetics.

However, Kofas also pointed out – Shatta Wale shouldn’t be conflicted between shooting a cultural motivated visuals to producing low quality (or inferior) videos.

“Promoting culture is not cheap,” Kofi Asamoah said to Shatta on the telephone conversation. He also said, Shatta’s videos which are mostly dominated with his SM mob, and drinking alcohol in public wasn’t a Ghanaian culture.

He further made a reference to Shatta’s ‘Gringo,’ which is estimated to be his most expensive music video ever. Charles Nii-Armah was quick to retaliate; that is the reason why he’s advising to not shoot expensive visuals because ‘Gringo’ didn’t make him money.

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Their argument eventually got heated. Shatta Wale said,

“You people don’t even respect celebrities. You talk to celebrites like I’m your class mate. Kofas, am I you class mate?…”

“…tell me where this music and the movie industry has gotten to, with your quality videos? You are there talking like a big man, Clarence Peters! You, they don’t even know you in Nigeria. It’s only your few friends that know you. You think you’re popular in Africa. No, you’re not! – don’t lie to yourself.”

Written by Kingsley OB

Filmmaker and music enthusiast at GhKings.
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