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J. Cole drops KOD album

J. Cole has released his new album KOD. Earlier, he released a new trailer where he revealed three different meanings for the abbreviated album title: Kids on Drugs, King Overdose, and Kill Our Demons. 

J. Cole drop KOD album | US Music - GhKings.Com

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. 2018 has been dominated by Kendrick Lamar an undeniable fact by even the staunchest of haters. You have to give props when it is due. Producing and rapping on the soundtracks for the biggest blockbuster of the year so far, Marvel’s Black Panther. J. Cole though being J. Cole was working behind the scenes. Hip Hop’s Batman, always lurking in the shadows, so content to just stay in the background, never wanting any attention from the media.

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The purity of his art is what his fans constantly use as their main point when drawn into arguments about rappers. He is unconventional, he goes against the crowd and its yielded him success. Whereas most mainstream artistes are producing projects whose length are in excess of an hour, J. Cole‘s current project just about crosses the forty-five (45) minute line.

J. Cole drop KOD album | US Music - GhKings.Com
KOD (front cover)

Last year, Cole jumped on Jeezy’s new song with Kendrick Lamar, “American Dream.” He also released a new HBO documentary about 4 Your Eyez Only.

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In it, he teased a new song. Cole also added to his film credits by executive producing a new PBS documentary called Raising Bertie, which focuses on three boys growing up in rural Bertie, North Carolina. The fight to stay true to yourself and your values is one we are all constantly dealing with, that urge to not conform to what society wants. Cole is certainly doing that. Whereas most artistes turn churn out trap beats-filled, J.Cole grapples with real issues, in one track he talks about his mother’s alcoholism and how he was unable to help. The simple art form of putting your soul and your heart into your work is one that is constantly peddled but very few people have made it their mantra like J. Cole.

J. Cole drop KOD album | US Music - GhKings.Com
Back cover.

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