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Joey B stung by ex, love gone bad

Who knows what tomorrow brings? One minute you are in love with someone planning your prospective wedding, the next they are getting married to someone else. Things do not always go as planned, no one knows better than Joey B.

Joey B stung by ex, love gone bad | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Salma Jameelah, beautiful name for a beautiful lady. She used to be Joey B’s lady. The relationship was no casual thing. It was a serious affair, a very serious affair. The two were spotted together severally over a long period of time. Looking at the way things were going, it was only natural to assume that they were going to get married. Most of the public thought so, and it was not a case of our minds running wild. Joey B himself saw things that way as he also took calling Salma his wife.

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When he released his DarrylEP he thanked all the major players responsible. Salma Jameelah played a role of course. She was thanked as well but in the tweet Joey B called her his wife. Certainly, Joey B was in it for the long run. It was not a mere fling. Time flies quickly and a lot of things change with it. Within the space of twelve months she went from being his girlfriend to being someone’s wife.

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Time and time again, it is said time flies. If you are looking for any example as to how true that is look no further than Joey B. Love is a double-edged sword these days. There’s a thin line between joy and sadness and love can certainly push you over any of those lines at any given time. Seeing as just a year ago Joey B was ready to marry her, so ready to the extent that he was calling her his wife, it is fair to assume that he will not be totally over her. But as the French say, C’est la vie.


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