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Kakalika lover, Fella Makafui, exposed

YOLO featured many up and coming actors but yet Fella Makafui was the standout person from the cast and she wasn’t even one of the protagonists, she was a recurring character. Fella has always asserted that she’s worked hard for her success but seems it’s all lies.

Kakalika lover, Fella Makafui, exposed | Ghana Celebrities - GhKings.Com

Fella Makafui has been deceiving Ghanaians all this while. In such a short period of time she’d become a big woman going as far as to organise entrepreneurial classes for the young. It’s ironic cause her entrepreneurship was funded by her alleged sponsor.

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Perhaps she doesn’t need her alleged sponsor anymore, whatever be the case Fella Makafui has been exposed. She isn’t some hardworking woman like she claimed. Everyone and how they get their money but don’t be bragging about your shady deals and making yourself look like a revolutionary in business. The sugar daddy craze that has gripped Ghana due to our hard economy just claimed another casualty.

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Fella and Medikal have been all over social media displaying their love but it’s hiding time as they plot their way out of this mess and probably find a way to shut all their haters up. Moesha deserves some accolades, at least she’s honest about her trade.


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