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Katanga and Conti FAIL, both halls to be mixed

As of now, KNUST has no male halls anymore. The Vice Chancellor’s proposal to mix both Conti and Katanga has gone through. Incoming female students are being placed in both halls.

KNUST's Vice Chancellor plans to mix Katanga and Conti takes a major step | Ghana News - GhKings.Com

What many felt was a mere fantasy has now come to fruition. When the proposal first came up many slammed it both current students and alums alike.

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Even people who had no connection to the school felt it was a waste of time and resources trying to achieve the impossible. But here we are today and it is now a reality.

For the female students who have been placed in the hall, the school has promised to beef up security to make sure they are well protected but truth be told can they be there 24/7?

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Can they be there all the time to protect the girls from Father John and Aboagyewaa? Come what may the girls that do end up accepting the accommodation will have mixed experiences.


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