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Kendrick Lamar announces New Album and it’s the Last with TDE

K Dot makes a surprise entry to reveal an important announcement.

Kendrick Lamar after long hiatus from music has resurfaced to make a very important announcement. If we’re count the Black Panther then is been three (3) since we heard any project from K Dot. Fans wondered when they going to receive another masterpiece from Kun Fu Kenny.

There’s been various snippets and teasers, but nothing concrete to feed on. The rapper isn’t one for the socials, so he’s pretty much been able to keep fans in the dark.

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Well, today Kendrick Lamar rises from “comfort zone” to give insight on what he’s been up to. In an unsual style, the rapper revealed on his new website: which featured a smilar classic windows 95 clickable file “nu thoughts.”

Inside the folder, contained some pertinent information which would tell fans what the has up to and his intentions. K Dot makes some personal revelations and also drops bomshell.

Kendrick discloses that there’s an upcoming album but it will the last with his TDE (Top Dog Entertainment).

In his words;

“august 20 2021

I spend most of my days with fleeting thoughts. Writing.
Listening. And collecting old Beach cruisers.
The morning rides keep me on a hill of silence.

I go months without a phone.

Love, loss, and grief have disturbed my comfort zone,
but the glimmers of God speak through my music and family.

While the world around me evolves, I reflect on what
matters the most. The life in which my words will land next.

As I produce my final TDE album, I feel joy to have been
a part of such a cultural imprint after 17 years.
The Struggles. The Success. And most importantly,
the Brotherhood. May the Most High continue to use
Top Dawg as a vessel for candid creators.
As I continue to pursue my life’s calling.

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There’s beauty in completion. And always faith
in the unknown.

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. I’ve
prayed for you all.

See you soon enough.


Written by Kingsley OB

Filmmaker and music enthusiast at GhKings.
TWITTER: @Kingsley_OB

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