KNUST students allegedly embezzles 150,000 cedis | Ghana - GhKings.Com
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KNUST students allegedly embezzle 150,000 cedis

Leadership is a common theme at many motivational talks these days. The same message too is being preached within religious places of worship.

KNUST students allegedly embezzles 150,000 cedis | Ghana - GhKings.Com

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Every one wants to be a leader, every one wants to be one, a leader amongst men. Everyone wants the adulation that comes with it, every one wants glory after all, the only difference being the places where we seek greatness and how we seek it. But a leader is more than a person who smiles for the cameras or gives nice speeches, a leader is actually a servant of the people, the one who has their interests at heart. In short a leader is a weapon of the people, usually chosen by the people to lead the people to ensure the smooth running of the affairs of a given body or group of people. Leadership positions these days usually require the approval of the people. After all we live in the age of diplomacy, a time where the voting is continually used for the selection of new leaders.

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During the campaign process, prospective leaders promise all sorts of things with their words as sweet as honey laced with caramel. Promises here and there. The usual “I will be strong for you”, “I will fight for you” protestations are heard every time elections come around, the words and the people uttering them change but the underlying meaning remains the same. That has been the story since since and so will it remain. When elected though more often than not, self interest becomes the order of the day. It is a veritable fact that human beings are greedy by nature. It is a part of us some people resist it whiles others succumb to it.

News reaching us is that some two (2) KNUST students have allegedly embezzled some funds. The funds were donated by the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).

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The students are apparently executives of Africa Hall, a traditional hall in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.  The accused persons, Winifred Abotsi and Eunice Akorkwor Adjetey, Hall President and Secretary respectively, who allegedly solicited an amount of GHC 150,000 from GNPC to fund a beauty pageant show during the Africa Hall’s week celebration have been asked to step aside while investigations continue.

Misappropriation of funds is tantamount to embezzlement, furthermore who is to say all the money was even used for the so-called beauty pageant. We cannot upload the pictures of the students. Respect must be shown to both the individuals, their families and the university.

Written by Odeneho

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