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KNUST’s Vice Chancellor plans to mix Katanga and Conti takes a major step

For years, Katanga and Conti have been involved in many scandals and many violent clashes. Thus KNUST’s current Vice Chancellor decided to make both Katanga and Conti mixed halls, this week he’s taken major steps to achieve that.

The University Hall, popularly referred to as Katanga, and Unity Hall, popularly known as Conti, are known to be notorious. And that is true but that tells only half the story. Whiles in the media and in the general public they are purported as being notorious, the truth is they’re more than that.

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From speaking to several students past and present, it is clear to see they are a necessary evil for they represent the students even more than the Students’ Representative Council. For years their collective stubbornness has fought off several institutional proposals that wouldn’t serve students.

Although it is logical to mix the hall to perhaps curb the vandalism, the reason given by the school authorities though sounds fishy. The school authorities want to mix the hall to reduce the instances of rape cases that female students off campus unfortunately experience. Whiles this is a noble cause, it is a short-term fix. And even more so the boys too are endangered  by being sent off campus to fend for themselves, where they are at the mercy of hostel owners. KNUST is situated on a vast plot of land, lands that most of been left to grow bushy. Would it not be more prudent to utilise these lands than to send somebody’s son off campus to be at the mercy of thieves and the like? Basically we’re just exchanging half the boys for half the girls, it is not the solution.

If one should even believe the expected catapulting of female population on campus, is converting these two male halls into mixed ones the best way to deal with the accommodation and security problems that has bedeviled students for years now? Since the completion of Unity hall over 40 years ago, not a single hall of residence has been fully built by the university to accommodate students.

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But for the KNUST Vice Chancellor that is the chosen course of action. And he is pushing it quite well. This week he took the bold step to remove all the items belonging to the Traditional Council of University Hall. The Traditional Council are the bedrock of the hall, they are the source of the beliefs and the custodians of culture in the hall. Thus taking them out is a sure way to weaken resistance. Now it’s Katanga, next it will be Conti, whatever be the case the Vice Chancellor’s plan to make both halls mixed halls is well on course, there’s virtually no stopping him now.

For parents who are sending their wards or have their wards in KNUST security is now a major concern and it shouldn’t be so.

Written by Odeneho

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