Kumchacha reveals reason why Patapaa failed to win | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
Kumchacha (left), Patapaa (right)
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Kumchacha reveals reason why Patapaa failed to win

Patapaa Amisty is a relative newcomer on the music scene, he rose to prominence in the past year. He made a big splash, a very big one with his hit “One Corner”.

Kumchacha reveals reason why Patapaa failed to win | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Kumchacha (left), Patapaa (right)

First and foremost we must admit that the music Patapaa makes is not what we are used to conventionally but is that really a bad thing. Different methods and techniques exist for every process we can think of. Right now in the United States, Trap Music is hugely popular to the extent more and more artistes are focusing their attentions there but when it first came it was not received with welcoming hands like that, it took sometime for it to be appreciated for its diversity.

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Even in football the two greatest footballers of our time have vastly different techniques especially when it comes to scoring goals. Whiles Lionel Messi prefers to pass the ball into the net, Cristiano Ronaldo prefers to rifle the ball into the net. Two different methods but both hugely successful. Since Patapaa arrived on the scene, he has been attacked left right and centre. Some people have gone as far as to state that his music is backed by evil spirits. That is just not a fair thing to say, it is very painful for you to work hard and have your end result insulted in this manner.

But Patapaa’s biggest detractor has been Prophet Kumchacha. They have traded verbal blows back and forth since last year. It is fair these two individuals really dislike each other, even issues that do not concern the other person they find a way to input them in the topic when they are questioned. And thus when Patapaa failed to win any award at the recently held Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), it was always going to be a matter of time before the prophet weighed in on the matter. And we did not have to wait long for his reply. Prophet Kumchacha, as he is affectionately called, says the ‘One Corner” hitmaker is spiritually cursed.

Prophet Osei who is also the Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries tells Adomonline’s Kwaku Nti, “it will take powerful men of God to deliver Patapaa from the spiritual attack”.

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His comments follow protests from Patapaa who felt cheated by Charter House in the 2018 VGMA “Song of the Year” category. Shouts and screams that preceded the official announcement of the winner for the category on the awards night perhaps gave leader of the ‘Patupa’ movement some hope that will later turn out to be false. Patapaa left the auditorium very disappointed and indicated of plans to officially react to developments at the awards. He has since been trolled on various social media platforms for what looked like an “oversized blue suit” he wore for the Vodafone Music Awards night.

But in a latest twist, Kumchacha says he wasn’t surprised at the development.“Patapaa is cursed,” he revealed.

“I never liked his song right from the beginning. I’m not surprised he lost. He has been cursed, spiritually. His song was indeed popular which means he should have won the award but because of the curse, he lost. He will never be popular,” he added.

Kumchacha believes the artiste has allowed fame to influence his lifestyle from good to worse, something he says has affected his career negatively. According to him, until Patapaa lives a humble life and receive deliverance from a man of God, his music career will dip. These two will continue to trade blows back and forth for years to come. For now this is the latest installment in their war of words.

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