Kwaw Kese rains fire on politicians | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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Kwaw Kese rains fire on politicians

Kwaw Kese is an angry man these days, but if you were in his shoes you would feel the same. In his latest post he tears into our healthcare system and how the focus on politics is killing our nation.

Kwaw Kese rains fire on politicians | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

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This is Africa, where politicians are the richest in the land. This is Africa, where politicians progress and the continent regresses. Africa is a strange and beautiful place. Some of the things that happen on our continent are so weird to point out, uttering them out in public is even difficult. But yet that is the way it is over here. In Kwaw Kese‘s recent post he shines the spotlight on our dilapidated healthcare system.

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“Is it not foolishness that, Nsawam Prisons has better conditions than Korle-Bu and other hospitals in the country? In these times people still lie on the floor in hospitals in Ghana,” he said. “Come to think of it that the whole country has only 55 ambulances. Even with that a lot of them are not in good shape, but a political party bought 275 buses for its party members.

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God should continue to punish Ghana and start killing these politicians one after the other,” he added.

To be honest, these are some solid points. We have misplaced priorities as a country. The healthcare professionals are not the only ones to blame. The whole system is broken. The infrastructure is woefully inadequate, and the ratio of healthcare professional to patients is nothing to write home about. Health ought to be the bedrock of our nation. A man in pain no doubt but still there is no need to wish death on your fellow men regardless.

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