Ladies: Save your image as women

Ladies: Save your image as women | Food for Thought - GhKings.Com

In recent times, some celebrities have either being caught or have come out to say in public that they have sugar daddies. Is it really worth having relations with someone you refer to as a sugar daddy?

Many girls of late are in search of and ask for sugar daddies. But the question is, “it worth keeping a relationship as such?” What happened to women empowerment? What happened to, “what a man can do, I can do two times even better,” said by many women.

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It is understood that many girls in society of late want someone who can financially support them. This is in terms of their clothing, expenses, chilling, ‘slaying’ and up keep in general. There are those ladies who see their rich friends who are graced to drive cars and would also want to do same. But since it’s not within their means, they get men as old as their granddad or as young as their dad to get whatever they want.

The funny thing is, most at times, in this world no one would give you all these things without anything in return. The trade, victims of sugar daddies ply is no less similar to what prostitutes are into. It’s, however, disheartening when some ladies would stoop so low to become objects of pleasure. This is really soiling the good image men have for women. In some years to come, there would be none to appreciate at all.

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Moesha Boduong boldly mentioned on BBC that she has a sugar daddy. She justifies this by saying that times are hard and that she barely makes ends meet. There are so many ladies in the film industry but haven’t resorted to having sugar daddies. Even if they have, they wouldn’t come out to proudly say it because of how shameful it is. Just recently, shame was brought upon the name of Fella Makafui as her cars and wine shop have been seized. The seizure, for reasons unknown yet, was done by the very same person who gave them to her.

Ladies, it’s high time you uplift your image by showing the men you can make something of your own. This would help wipe the image of just been mere objects of pleasure to women of substance to most men out there.

Written by Michael Kporha


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