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Accra – Osu: Lady found dead and naked in a gutter

Life ends as easily as it began. We cannot more often than not control how we go but today certainly we deserve more dignified deaths unlike the lady who was found dead and naked at Osu.

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Is it fair that a person be treated this way? The dead ought to be respected, how can just leave someone out on the street like the , is it humane? The scene is gory and as such viewer discretion is advised. It is not for the fainthearted. The identity of the lady is not known as of yet but sadly another family is painfully bereaved of a child. We will all die but certainly and hopefully in far better circumstances.

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It’s purely speculative as to how she died or how she got there and in our part of the world those questions are rarely answered. To be frank, it is doubtful we will ever know what happened it is more pertinent that we try to decrease instances of incidents like this.

Sadly another day and another calamity, will it ever end? Hope is a foreign concept in our part of the world but we commit the deceased into the bosom of God Almighty.





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