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Lil Win tries to woo Sista Afia in ‘Champion Atta’

Sista Afia is at it again, another record dropped, a potential major hit as well. The song is catchy, the concept behind it is nothing new, but the execution is different, Lil Win too doesn’t disappoint.

Set in a quaint little village, Sista Afia is the undisputed queen bee and Lil Win is the undisputed area champion, Champion Atta per the video.

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Champion Atta is very interested in Sista Afia and her ASSets and tries his very best to woo her by using any means necessary whiles sparing no cost at all, even going as far as to take a loan. Lil Win tries his very best to woo her, after quite the battle she starts to reciprocate his advances only for him to be out of money and being sought out by his debtors. The visuals for Champion Atta was directed by Steve Gyamfi, with the audio production credit going to Dr Ray.

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