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Lord Paper accepts Christ, claims he’s done releasing explicit content

Awurama, a name made infamous by Lord Paper. The x-rated video caused a stir, at the time he was not bothered but the singer has since changed. He’s recently made it known that he is now born-again.

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It is not easy to admit that you are wrong, or that your actions were inappropriate. For a long time Lord Paper wouldn’t even admit to having sex with the model in his Awurama video but he finally admitted it. He even added he’s had sex with his girlfriend in a moving taxi before. Michael Takyi-Frimpong, Lord Paper to the world, shocked everybody with the Awurama video and his sexcapades. Even more so that he saw nothing wrong with it. Time though fixes everything, he’s come to realise what  he did was wrong.

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He tweeted: “Was a life-changing meeting with you daddy Pastor Agyin Asare. Thanks for the prayers, I’ve repented for good. The devil can’t use me again. Proud of the new me ?? #NewLordPaper #NewMusic #NewVibes.”

After paying a visit to Bishop Agyin Asare, he boldly proclaimed he was free of the devil, looks like there will be no more Awurama-like videos anymore. Whatever may be the case, he deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt. As to whether the devil is to blame for all the things he has done, that’s an issue for another day. For now though Lord Paper has vowed to desist with the x-rated videos.


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