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Lord Paper takes us for a ride

“Saa na ebe lie be lie.” Lord Paper has taken us all for a ride. It seems the born-again facade was just to boost his public image, nothing more nothing less. Normal service has resumed and Medikal is his partner.

Lord Paper takes us for a ride | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

Meet a major pastor and all of a sudden you can hear the voice of Christ. That’s how Lord Paper made it look after he met Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare. Old habits though die hard, Lord Paper is back to making secular music just a few months after renouncing it.

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This quick return by Lord Paper to hiplife comes as a big surprise because he was recently on radio stating that he was never coming back to the worldly type of music. He went further in those interviews he granted during the period he was claiming to be a born-again Christian that many radio stations were refusing to play his gospel songs because he decided to stop doing the profane type of music.

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Anyway, one will just have to conclude that the pressures of the world are likely the reasons why Lord Paper is back to the worldly type of music. The turning point in Lord Paper’s life came about when he visited the founder and leader of the Perez Chapel international, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare for prayers recently.


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