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Lydia Forson questions Medikal’s source of vast riches

Lydia Forson just took a shot at Medikal, questioning his source of employment not so subtly as she publicly came to Sister Derby‘s defence. The issue of Medikal‘s true source of riches has been an issue since the 80s.

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The music industry is a lucrative one but one cannot accumulate all the money that Medikal has from just music alone in such short period, he’s not Michael Jackson.

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Medikal too on his part hasn’t done anything to prove he makes his money legally. In an interview sometime back he revealed that he runs errands for people and they tip him.

Tips as high as three hundred thousand cedis, one can only imagine the kind of things he transports, who knows maybe he’s a real life transporter.

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Whatever the case Miss Forson has raised an issue that will just not go away. Several reports claim that Medikal makes his money from fraud. Sister Derby chimed in too.


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