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M.anifest commends Sarkodie for his latest song

It’s 2018! M.Anifest has finally waved his support for Sarkodie‘s latest single released to combat road safety issues in the country.

M.Anifest commends Sarkodie for his road safety song 'Wake Up Call' | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
Sarkodie (left), M.Anifest (right) [img src:ig]
Fights happen all the time but it is how we deal with the fallout that matters. In this era of social media everything gets overblown.

Two average joes could bicker back and forth, left and right using Twitter, Snapchat and the likes – how much more celebrities. It’s without a doubt that Sarkodie is a gem in this industry and so he took a different direction when it comes to tribute songs and instead of recording a tribute song for Ebony, he did this song for Ebony and the many people who died unfortunately because of road accidents.

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Although M.anifest and Sarkodie may have ‘fought’ in the past, they are two mature adults and know when to put aside their differences and support each other and that’s exactly what Manifest did and we applaud him for being brave enough to tweet Sarkodie’s new song to tackle road safety in the country.

The statistics are shocking. 5 people die because of road accidents in this country every single day of the year and it’s actually disheartening, yet our leaders have not taken any serious steps to solve the situation. Our roads are not in a good state, granted but they are not being readily addressed.

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Sarkodie used this track to raise public awareness. This comes not as a surprise, he has led the industry with distinction with several years. His usage of music to dress social issues and societal issues must be applauded. It is with great respect that M.anifest took time out to commend his fellow rapper Sarkodie for this educative and entertaining track.

Our roads are not in a good state. That needs to be remedied but since time immemorial messages have greater outreach if a more reputed and respected member of society backs it or adds their voice. We may write all the articles in the world, add all  the petitions in fact even add rallies and protests I very much doubt we can have the effect one Sarkodie record can have.

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Such his standing within the society that now it seems almost the only way out to give them our message for them to run with. For after all why send a man no one cares about to speak when you can send a man whose voice resonates amongst millions of people.


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