M.anifest Unveils "Nowhere Cool" Album — Tracklist and more - GhKings

M.anifest Unveils “Nowhere Cool” Album — Tracklist and more

Undoubtedly, “Nowhere Cool” is one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums this year by M.anifest.

M.anifest Unveils "Nowhere Cool" Album — Tracklist and more - GhKings.Com
M.anifest, musician [via: Instagram]
Following the spark between the god MC and the Bossy, the album has yielded a large expectancy level.

Click to listen god MC

The album is expected to drop this year. A hashtag thread #JuicyChat by Vanessa Gyan has revealed what we should expect.

Click to listen 100% feat Worlasi

“Nowhere Cool” is a fourteen (14) track-album and the fifth (5) studio album by M.anifest.

In a photo tweet by the M.anifest, here are some of the songs that would appear on the record; Nowhere Cool, Invisible, B.E.A.R., Hand Dey Go and Hand Dey Come.

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Checkout his tweet below

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