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I made you and I can destroy you – manager tells Ebony

Bullet, outspoken manager of Ebony Reigns, claims he has the power to effectively end Ebony’s career if he so pleases. Bullet said this whiles speaking to Joy News.

I made you and I can destroy you - manager tells Ebony | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com
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Of late, there seems to be some tension between Ebony Reigns and her manager/songwriter Bullet of Ruff N Smooth fame. Bullet further stoked the flames at a recent event where Midas Touch and Ruff Town Records where Ebony was absent. Upon being question where Ebony was, Bullet and all the managers of Ebony responded she was sick and gave fishy answers to the follow-up questions. This caused the public to ask whether Ebony and Bullet were beefing. After all, it’s quite a shock if your biggest artiste is a no show for your biggest event.

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Bullet has now stated that he can destroy Ebony if she becomes ungrateful and forgets his efforts and sacrifices made to bring her to the pinnacle of Ghanaian music. He’s quoted as saying, “Ebony can never be ungrateful because I made her. I have the button to press to go up or to come down. If she becomes ungrateful, it is her own matter.”

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Bullet who also serves as Ebony’s primary writer and music director. As recently as January, 21 after the merger event of Midas Touch and Ruff Town Records, several media outlets whilst reporting Ebony’s absence at the event also made it known there seems to be some beef between Ebony and Bullet. At the time it was thought that the media were just trying to create trouble. But there is real cause for concern now as Bullet seems to flexing his muscles to let us know who is in control of the situation. Ebony, real name Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng whose song ‘Kupe’ helped her gain mainstream attention in the Ghanaian music industry, is yet to comment.

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Bullet’s recent comments is certainly kerosene for the fire. By stating with such pride that he can destroy Ebony simply because he made her makes us wonder is everything really okay between them? With the follow-up question being what does Ebony think about this? My personal follow-up question is whether we will be lucky enough to hear her thoughts?

​Again in a week where a major artiste, Kofi Kinaata, has left his label, is there another split on the cards? Or will this story have a rather happy ending? Only time will tell.



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