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Medikal off to School?

Rapper Medikal has declared his intention to enroll at the university next year (2019).

Medikal off to School? | Ghana Music - GhKings.Com

We spend all our early years in school, for the average person that is. We spend hours and hours trying to understand what was taught in class or maybe trying to memorise it instead, the more gifted amongst us may even be ahead of the class.

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We used to have this fixed mentality about school. Previously, by the age of thirty one would have been expected to be done with his or her schooling. Along that line that mentality was altered, for you see life is not streamline it is not so sequential. Circumstances may not permit one to go to level two immediately after they are done with level one. The circumstances mentioned are way to many and complex to be accurately explained here.

Rapper Medikal has stated he will be enrolling in the university soon. He finished senior high some years back but due to some circumstances he was not able to go straight to the university.

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He is now able to proceed on. Which goes to show you that everything can be done, it may not be done exactly the time we want but it can still be done.


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